Monday, July 12, 2010

McDonald's Burger @ Hong Kong

McDonald's Pork Burger

This was taken during my Hong Kong trip this year.

We had our dinner at a shopping mall near Avenue of Stars. The burger looks more like a muffin to me, with sliced cheese, pork and egg placed in between.

It tasted pretty average. I ordered this set meal because i never had pork burger before.

McDonald's Grilled Chicken Burger

My friend ordered this because it's "grilled", instead of "fried", like the rest of the set meals.

It turned out to be extremely delicious! The succulent chicken patty are layered with onion slices in a sesame seed bun. The Chicken Prosperity Burger (with grilled chicken patty as well) from Malaysia's outlet is nothing near to this one.

My friend even ordered the same set meal on the next day at The Peak just to savour the "grill-y" taste.

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